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Campus Life

Student Counseling

Do you have anything you don’t understand or are worried about concerning university life? We believe there are many students who are not sure where they can ask questions, make complaints, make requests or seek advice, regarding student life. If you encounter such a situation, please visit the “Nandemo Counseling Room.”
The counselors will listen to all your questions and deal with them sincerely, seeking the cooperation of related offices if necessary. Furthermore, your privacy is completely assured.
If you need us, please feel free to knock on our office door. The counselors will try to do their best to assist you with your problems and concerns, try to remove your worries, and help you lead an enjoyable and fulfilling university life.

Mari Okamoto
Head of the Nandemo Counseling Room, School of Foreign Studies

Counseling Room

About the Nandemo Counseling Room

Examples of Counseling

•Advice and Support Concerning Learning
Unsure of how to study for classes/Possibility for repeating the academic year/Difficulty following classes/Studying overseas/Changing your program or course

•Advice and Support Concerning Future Plans
Unsure whether to continue studying at the graduate level or to find work/Don’t know what kind of job to take/Can’t find a future goal

•Advice Concerning Relationships
Can’t make friends/Having difficulty in relationships with friends or teachers/Romantically involved and can’t think of anything else

•Advice Concerning Mental Health Care
Can’t fit in/Don’t feel comfortable living alone/Suffering sexual harassment/Unwanted recruitment into religious groups

Other Places for Counseling in the University

  • Health Care Center (Minoh Branch)
  • Guidance Room, Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Harassment Counseling Room

Campus Life