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2019年度のエッセイ並びにスピーチコンテストが行われました。結果とコメントは以下のとおりです。 エッセイコンテスト First Place: Nanaho Takino “Things to Learn from Peanuts”Second Place: Aimi Mori “Early Childhood Education will Improve English Education in Japan” Commentary to Ms Takino:Did Charles Schultz of Peanuts fame offer a better way of living in this rapidly paced modern age through his comic strips? Ms. Takino has written an outstanding essay,…
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2018年度のエッセイ並びにスピーチコンテストが開催されました。結果とコメントは以下のとおりです。 エッセイコンテスト First Place: Takuma Natsume “The Importance of Education in Cutting the Chain of Poverty”Second Place: Aiko Ohno “Translation Technology and Society” Commentary to Mr NatsumeMr. Natsume’s essay is very well written on the topic of the essential role education can play in breaking the chain of poverty that is often transmitted from generation…
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2016年度のエッセイ並びにプレゼンコンテストが開催されました。結果とコメントは以下のとおりです。 エッセイコンテスト First Place: Gen Matsuoka “Japan Should Ban election Campaign Cars”Second Place: Rena Arisawa “Social Media Benefits Human Communication” Commentary to Mr MatsuokaMr. Matsuoka’s essay is very well written on the topic of election campaign cars. Perhaps all of us have sometimes complained about various aspects of using campaign vehicles by politicians to solicit…
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